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I’m Dom and I’m both a design enthusiast and design student.
As a designer I specialise in illustration. I love to create and I’m constantly inspired by things around me to create ideas that can be considered original inventive and even quirky to some.
I like to sketch concepts and create designs either to exercise my creativity or express my thoughts, views, feelings or opinions. Sometimes my designs are made for all those reasons.
They key to my work ethic is to keep inspired, I think that without inspiration a designer can’t function. To keep motivated, to stay enthusiastic and to strive for quality, a designer must look into what is out there, be open minded and learn from other creative individuals of any profession. The more you share your dreams, your passion and your ideas with others the more you’ll learn and grow not just as a designer but as a person as well. In turn, I feel that being a designer is not necessarily a profession but rather a lifestyle in which one can life by, constantly improving, adapting and to pursue their inner most ambitions.
This is what I believe and this is what I live by.


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