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  1. Designcollector TV

    by Designcollector / Arseny Vesnin subscribed to

    5,478 Videos / 6,819 Followers

    Creative Motion Pictures hand picked by Designcollector and Contributors for Motioncollector satellite project. It is one of Vimeo's featured channels. PLEASE TWEET YOUR VIDEOS TO: http://twitter.com/designcollector or…

  2. Do It In Ten

    by Show Me The Animation subscribed to

    62 Videos / 18 Followers

    Do it In Ten is Show Me The Animation’s monthly animation challenge. The challenge is simple, we give you a theme and all you have to do is respond to that theme with a ten second animation,…

  3. Bar Shorts

    by 12Foot6 subscribed to

    209 Videos / 68 Followers

    Like a momentary sweep along the optics, Bar Shorts is a delicious pick and mix of shorts. Ranging from the scary to the sublime, the stupid and the sweet.

  4. Animaterra

    by Alexandra T subscribed to

    416 Videos / 889 Followers

    Dig Deeper!

  5. Sheridan Animation

    by Katarina Antonic subscribed to

    206 Videos / 504 Followers

    A Collective of Student films from Sheridan College, from 24-hour to final thesis films.

  6. Animated Music Videos

    by Joe Lea subscribed to

    307 Videos / 436 Followers

    The one stop shop for all you Animated Music Video needs. Only searching out the best weird and wonderful animated music videos from vimeo's vast collection of directors, editors, compositors,…

  7. Supinfocom

    by Bruno Ortolland subscribed to

    479 Videos / 1,155 Followers

    French 3D Animation School Only films produced at Supinfocom are added.

  8. Cartoon Brew's Animated Fragments

    by Cartoon Brew subscribed to

    82 Videos / 394 Followers

    Seeds of ideas and noteworthy bits of animation...

  9. MOONFASH - Israeli animation channel מונפש

    by yoni salmon subscribed to

    736 Videos / 237 Followers

    We want the world to see what beautiful and original animation is made in Israel: Professional animation, shorts, music videos, students films, experiments, show reels and more. see and read more:…

  10. animation!

    by Mariusz Kornatka subscribed to

    616 Videos / 1,483 Followers

  11. CalArts Animation

    by CalArts subscribed to

    110 Videos / 2,220 Followers

    CalArts student animations.

  12. The Curious Brain

    by mpared subscribed to

    2,942 Videos / 4,382 Followers

    Hello stranger… this is Michael Paredrakos a Strategic Planner from Greece who is curious about many things and this is my vimeo channel for all the cool videos I feature at my blog http://thecuriousbrain.com/…

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