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These videos come from a place of inspiration. Without this inspiration, they would likely remain invisible.

When you see or hear them, pay attention to your breathing. Let your mind quiet down and open up to the smell of a field somewhere in the countryside.

Imagine you are a seed. Are you floating? Heavy? Explosive? Are you an inspiration?

There are Gymnosperms. And then there are Angiosperms. Angiosperms have their seeds enclosed in a structure called the fruit. Now, the definition of a fruit is far less restrictive than you may think, for it is just that... an enclosing structure around a seed. What kind of fruit are you? What is a seed?

During her lifetime a single bee will collect one tenth of a teaspoon of honey.

Rudolph Steiner, who knew bees very well, in his lecture series on bees (#3) in 1923 says, "Scholars and experts in the field of economics would immediately think that you were rather strange if you said that the origin of money can be found in the power that creates money. But scientists in the field of natural sciences don't notice anything wrong when someone asks where the enlivening power in milk comes from and is given the answer 'from vitamins.' But that is just like saying that poverty comes from pauperism. And nobody notices anything wrong. They even think that the person has said something very profound and true, but in realty nothing of significance has been said. This is what is so upsetting, if I may say so, about the way things are conducted in modern-day science. These scientists think they are saying something truly important.They announce their results using big words, and all the rest of the people believe everything they say. If this type of thing continues in the course of history, the time will come when everything will have to wither and die. For the world is dependent on your ability to actually do something and not only talk about things and create new abstract terms. Words must mean exactly what is really there. "

A seed of clay may grow into a living, yielding field of fruit, feeding many, just as a completely healthy, wholesome heirloom be lost to feeding one single bird's temporary hunger. It all depends on your imagination.

Thank you for all these considerations. You know me better now.


  2. Tomislav Safundžić