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Your Lab is a unique program for young adults between the ages of 17 and 29. As a participant you will develop qualities that receive little or no attention in today’s world, even though they are essential for bringing about certain necessary changes. After all, it is clear that the way some things are organized no longer works. The economy, our ecological environment and our interactions with one another – all of this is rapidly deteriorating. We experience a constant fear and struggle, while our greed and egoism cause us to exploit others, the earth and ourselves. A change is necessary and must present itself now.
What we need are new foundations – not only to solve large-scale questions, but also to cope with those issues that are deeply personal. The ongoing struggle that we experience today puts us in a state of tension and high-alert. “Can I still keep up?” “Why do I feel like I am walking on eggshells?” “Why do I still think of myself as inadequate?”

Pretty much all of our problems can be traced back to an enormous misconception ... we think we are separate from others.

When we think of ourselves as radically separate from others and from the world, we automatically put our guard up. We are either in a mode of attack or defense, with little or no room for growing and blossoming together with others. This is unfortunate, because it is precisely our connectedness with others that is necessary to solve the smaller and larger problems that we are faced with in today’s world. We need empathy, interest in others, openness and integrity. Such qualities demand new techniques for establishing dialogue as well as different models for leadership.

Your Lab is about the development of new qualities, about establishing a powerful network and about taking on projects that matter. We also offer physical education from reputable yogis, martial art masters, and boxing instructors who will help you strengthen and energize your body. Additionally, you will be acquainted with meditation techniques that will allow you to optimally facilitate your own energy and that of others. You will also learn a great deal about nutrition, because what you eat contributes to how you think and feel.

We must unfold our own future. Your Lab is an opportunity to create a new kind of future for yourself and others, now.

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