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Aurora, Colorado

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I am a self-taught artist, however I have taken many workshops, ready many, many books and absolutely love (!) to draw, paint, sculpt, create...anything that feeds my creative muse. I will try just about anything artistically, and have mentored with some of the absolute greats in the industry. Do I care if I ever become famous or make a lot of money? No, I do this because I must and because it feeds my heart and soul. I love to share ideas and I love to teach new ideas when the opportunity presents itself. My ultimate goal is to create in any way my soul and heart directs me and I absolutely love the very simple folk art of Grandma Moses' - maybe someday that's where I see myself LOL

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  1. This is exciting, Heidi, I'm going to go looking for these file products at Archiver's. I have lots of ideas for Christmas!