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My name is Mark Waters. I am a 23-year-old freelance film maker! I have a company called justlivinFILM where all my clients have been extremely happy with my finished productions! I create all my productions from start to finish so I am the director of photography, camera operator and video editor!

Making films has been something I dreamt of from a young age. I got my first camera when I was 15 years old and I have had a camera in my hands ever since, picking up all the tricks in the trade! I have been working towards a unique style of cinematography and video editing constantly looking for ways to make my work different, with an artistic approach! I was born wit the gift of creativity and since finding my passion for film ive realized I have a natural eye for image composition, something you can not buy or learn from a text book!
Over the years I have been gaining more and more confidence with my work through the positive feedback I have had from clients and watchers alike. I have been told my work has a great feel and filled with a constant rhythm. My bread and butter work has been based around web advertising but this has just been stepping-stones for me trying to build on my portfolio in anyway and to find contacts within the industry!
I have been dedicating the last few years of my life to traveling the world and making inspirational short films to motivate people to get out into the world and see what it has to offer, with the background aim to get people to live there dreams no matter what they may be! These videos have been produced with my own budget, with no intension of making a profit, I create these purely for my own satisfaction of using my creative knowledge and creating beautiful inspiring videos and expressing what I love doing most…film making and exploring the world! My goals have been achieved from these because the viewers of my work have given me amazing feedback and comments letting me know that they have been inspired by what they have witnessed within my films!

2009 is the year of change for me! I have been traveling the world for the last 5 years so this year is full of goals to further my passion and carreer choice as a film maker!

enjoy justlivin