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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Ted Herman’s numerous works in television advertising for Production Companies over the last 25 years have resulted in an extensive list of satisfied Advertising Agencies and their Clients, establishing long term professional relationships based on trust and reliability.

As production has required, he has traveled from the banks of the Ganges River, to the frozen Arctic, U.S.A. and Europe demonstrating an ability to adapt to diverse situations and environments.

With an imperative to maintain knowledge in the most recent technologies, Ted keeps current with the latest in transfers of media and post production advancements. In addition, his keen eye to quality matched with an ability to remain on budget and schedule has allowed Ted to be well respected within his field.

Ted is quick to grasp the varied concepts presented by directors and advertising agencies. Combining this with the ability to meet the requirements of Government Agencies and the needs of Production Crews, Ted is adept at achieving win-win scenarios enabling all Production Departments to fulfill their responsibilities with skill and efficiency.