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TYA UK is the UK Centre of ASSITEJ, the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People. If you are a parent, teacher, theatre venue programmer, festival organiser or someone interested in professional theatre for young audiences you can find out here about shows touring now and news from home and abroad. tya-uk.org

What is Inclusive TYA?
Let’s start with definition. The artists and companies involved don’t share a common language. Some define themselves as “interactive”, “integrated” or “accessible” others use terms like “disabled-led” or “disability arts” or talk about “unlocking authentic voices”. The words “unusual” and “multi sensory” also appear a fair bit. As a way then of finding a term that embraces this range of work I’m using the term inclusive to recognise a shared ethos. What Inclusive Theatre practitioners have in common is support for a rights-based approach to disability. Inclusive Theatre recognises the centrality of removing the physical and attitudinal barriers that society puts up.

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