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  1. Dalmasso, care to give some links so I can test them from where I am as I'm now getting incredibly good service at the moment.
  2. That sounds really promising Darnell. The issues I've had have all been related —seemingly at least — to playback while loading a video. If the video was preloaded in its entirety the stuttering that I have experienced multiple times for a very long t
  3. I can also testify that Vimeo often seems to be slow, though I don't get dropouts but rather stutter problems during playback while loading. People have reported this for many years and the staff keep brushing off concerns about this IMHO and suggests…
  4. In the past, it have seemed to be a combination of playback / load issue. I'm not sure technically what is different with Vimeo, but something isn't working well. I'm willing to help if you please let me know how to get you the best data from the…
  5. Rebecca, If I hurt your feelings I'm sorry but I don't understand how you feel I'm not respecting you (the staff) just because I don't accept the knee-jerk answers that Vimeo staff have repeated year after year to the this same set of issues. Please…
  6. Rebecca, why are you people at Vimeo recommending those measures when this is brought up again and again since more than 5 years? The Vimeo service itself is the problem if all other HQ video btoadcasts do work. Get over it! It's not individual…