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I have a passion for video and photography. When I was young I took my fathers 8 mm camera and had fun. I also did some work with photography. Having said that, I started my college education in 1980 studying sociology and political science. I graduated in 1985 and went on to graduate school in social work. During this time I bought a video camera when they first came out and did a lot of family shots, which have provided priceless memories. I obtained my masters degree in social work in 1987 and have been working with youth for most of my time practicing. A few years ago my wife and I decided to take our passion for video to the next level. We started a business shooting weddings and have also done some short movies which we entered in a few film festivals. Since I did not go to film school, I've have had a lot to learn but I'm having fun doing so. I see a lot parallels between social work and film and my goal is to someday create a work that will impact people's lives. I really enjoy the videos on Vimeo and I've learned much from watching them.

We have just updated our equipment and have purchased two Sony fs=100, which we have just recently received. We are having fun filming with them and love the image they produce.

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