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Lafayette's own quality swimming program Riverside Swim Team (RST) lives on at Crawfish Aquatics. This site is a historical record of the young athletes of RST, then and now, who work hard everyday to attain their goals. Due to forces out of our control, Riverside Swim Team has been shut down, but the memory lives on at Crawfish Aquatics, where Real Swimmers Train.

We are fortunate to have these videos to remember this special team which graced the pool decks of Lafayette , Louisiana for so many years. We are particularly thankful for the passion and dedication of our Coach, Dr Wendle Gatch, for building the best quality swim program (points per swimmer) Acadiana has ever seen. Thanks to his efforts our athletes and families have memories to last a lifetime.

Dr Gatch will always be remembered by his swimmers as a Coach who never let them use the words "I can't".
In his over 47 years as a swim coach, Dr Gatch's swimmers have never heard the words "you should know your stroke by now". His dedication and commitment to the continued refinement and development of the swim stroke is what his swimmers and their parents loved about him. Dr Gatch was NOT a pool deck cheerleader, he understood that what really motivated kids was when they learned something, and is why technique was so important at each practice everyday. This is why he was so appreciated by the young athletes he worked with and why he will always be deeply respected, and loved by the RST kids and their parents.

In his last season as Coach, the Riverside Swim Team, with barely 20 swimmers, placed higher at the State Championship Swim Meet than any Lafayette team in Acadiana History. These results from this little Lafayette team with it's very small membership and sprinkling of State Qualifiers was huge, and a fitting testament to the impact Dr Gatch made for swimming in Lafayette. This team may have been the best quality team our State has ever seen. In other words, he went out with a bang.

Thank You Dr are simply irreplaceable.


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