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Kaspi Films is a team of creative professionals with a vision of working together to create functional and artistic imagery to the world of advertising and art.

Kaspi Films is one of the few production companies in Ontario able to shoot low level aerial video and photography with UAV commercial flight certification from Transport Canada. With a fresh, modern, and consistant stytle Kaspi delivers high quality media on time and on budget.

Video Production Services:
Corporate Video
Stock Video

Photo Services:
Advertising Photography
Commercial Photography
Corporate Photography
Stock Photography

Aerial Video Services:
UAV Octocopter rental
UAV Aerial Videography
UAV Aerial Photography

Video and Photo Production:
Kaspi Films offers complete video and photo production and post production for advertising, commercial, and corporate clients. Using cinematic 5K digital cameras, aerial UAV's, and the Kessler line of dollies and jibs Kaspi Films offers a very unique and professional product that others can't match.

Octocopter Rentals: Our octocopters fly the Freefly MoVI MR and RED Epic creating the steadiest aerial 4K filming in the industry.

RED Epic: 5K high speed motion
Nikon D800E: 36 megapixel stills
Blackmagic Cinema Camera


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