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born n raised in detroit mayne. we out here hustlin ya feel me nigga i earned my stripes on the streets mayne east side wer its at nigga dont fuck wit us nigga cuz youll get it ya feel


  1. GibSON

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  1. Malcolm Eli commented on OPENING DAY
    nigga mmm nigga
  2. Malcolm Eli commented on Untitled
    Gibby my nigga going hard as fuck mayne straight up thug life nigga represent
  3. Malcolm Eli commented on GIB tramp
    tight as fuck nigga
  4. nigga dat gib is the illest shit mayne
  5. Malcolm Eli commented on OPENING DAY
    Nigga tight as fuck ya feel me gib at it again straight up dis shit tight u livin the thug life get dem hoes on yo dick wit dis shit ya feel me swag out gibby mayne
  6. dam nigga cuz gib at it again ya feel me lookin hard as fuck yo straigh up thugging cuz
  7. nigga i kno ya hear bloods represent east side cuz