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Jack Hanley is a Writer, Film Critic, Academic, and Lecturer based in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to his public lectures and academic research in the fields of Film, Folklore, English Literature, and Eastern European History with the University of Colorado, Jack is also a Film Critic, Blogger, Filmmaker, and avid Cinephile. You can find his musings at the Alone in the Dark Film Blog and Mile High Cinema. Jack is the host of several film series (including the Bloody Celluloid Film Series and the Clandestine Campus Cinema Society), a talk-back host for the Boedecker Theater's Cinema Program, and the creator/host of Boulder's own Central and East European Film Festival. He is the owner of the Boulder-based Independent Film Production company Stańczyk Productions, and when not working on his upcoming documentary feature (Evil Cheesey Rides Again!) or serving as Host and Moderator of the Crested Butte Film Festival, he can occasionally be found in musty Academic settings, usually savagely ruining films for his friends and family.

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