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Rob a.k.a 210 created he`s own Promoter and Producer agency 2011.London based small company working around Europe because original Rob was born in Hungary 1982 .He growed up small town (Debrecen) east side of the county.Living between the blocks and spend so much time in the streets.When 210 meet the Hip Hop culture first time he was around 12 years old..Those days the Hip Hop was just fun and show the girls how good he was..Around 2000 member of the 1998 created famous hungarian RH crew (Rusty Homie) and together start organized a serious Hip Hop venues it called (Romlott Hazai,RH-PARTY)..Every years those parties was better and better But one day everything has to come and around 2006 maybe 07 he stayed behind the decks start collecting Hip Hop ,Jazz ,Soul and Funk records.He moved to London (UK) around 2006 and start learning and the lifted a higher level into Hip Hop Culture.
UK Hip Hop has give him and he`s crew a great idea..Because in Hungary people didn`t even no anything about the UK Dj`d Mc`s producers beatmakers..Give the time for himself and start making serious contact between the artist and they could organized the first venue in Debrecen,Hungary 2010 September RH & 210 created RH UK Xclusice shows over there..They worked together with JEHST,MICALL PARKNSUN,MELANIN a.k.a.M9,CYRUS MALACHI,FLIPTRIX VERB T,DJ.MADNICE,DJ JAZZ T JON PHONICS..and more
Now around 2012 they were part of the famous and legendary ARTIFACTS (usa) The Reunion European Tour. 23rd of March El Da Sensei ,Tame One and Dj.Kaos visited Hungary first time in they life.

The RH crew and 210 keep this way and try keep the real spirits.They will doing shows more venues more parties.They are try to be part of the European Hip Hop market.Second half on this year 210 will be proudly presented he`s own first t-shirts and hoddies series with PRG (Planet Rock Graphics) family..

Any other questions or more infomation please contact : 210presents@gmail.com


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