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Juston Street has lived a few lifetimes already. He has Played Professional sports as a pitcher with the Oakland Athletics after a college career in Austin as a Longhorn at the University of Texas.

Striving to expand his passion for the arts. Juston left professional sports to Immediately enroll in The State Theatre in downtown Austin Texas. Immediately diving right in.

Through his work Juston was recommended, and invited to be a founding member of 'A Working Group' at The Robichaux Studio in Austin. A full 2 Year in depth Meisner Program led by award winning actor/Teacher Richard Robichaux who is directly connected with both The William Esper Studio in NY, NY and the Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio in Los Angeles.

Juston now currently works with The Robichaux Studio when he is in Austin.

Living by his email signature " Let's Rock" Juston is pouring it all out.

He currently has a National Ad with AT&T running, has booked films in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles. Has tackled the Lead in a Cherry Lane Theatre Project titled "Housebreaking" an extremely intense dramatic production where Juston played a depressed angry business man the first half and that same man strung out addicted to drugs, broken, homeless, extremely emotionally vulnerable, and fighting for his family back. At the turn of this past summer he viciously tackled the lead as "Lee" in Sam Sheperd's award winning play ' True West.' He Has co-written two screenplays, a theatrical play, and recently booked an esteemed role in a Project out of Los Angeles (Chuck Hank & The San Diego Twins).

Juston is coming to the big screen in Angelo Pizzo's (Rudy, Hoosiers) newest heart centered story MY ALL AMERICAN. Acting along side Aaron Eckhart, Finn Whitrock, Sara Bolger for 30 days Juston plays an east Texas fiery quarterback for the Texas Longhorns 1969 championship season. MY ALL AMERICAN provided Juston with the opportunity to fully exercise his range as an actor depicting a well known historical Personality and heart open 'Believer in Possibilty' with his portrayal of the late James Street. Juston's father, who most recently passed away Earlier the previous year in September. Life truly brings amazing blessings to those who are willing to take on a challenge.

Most importantly Juston is a positive force on set, humble, Spiritual, a giver, a lover, a hard worker, a painter, cook, he understands teamwork, earning your keep, and the importance of the artistic process; and Most of all Juston Genuinely Loves what he does!!!

Lets Rock!