Fanuel Morelli

Anguillara Sabazia, Rome, ITALY

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I'm a seven years experienced Video Producer. my features include: a strong multinational culture and great communication skills: also, my extensive travelling experiences have offered me opportunities to adapt to new environments. I have learned how important it is to be flexible and make use of my own resources.

Since 2007 I'm working as a freelance Video Producer in the News Dept for Associated Press Television News in the APTN Rome bureau. As a Video Producer I’m skilled in all aspects of the News phases: pre/production, production, shooting and editing (linear and non-linear). I also take care of the feeding aspect, both ftp and sat. Working in a News dept. such as Aptn upgraded my level of awareness for the right thing to do in the quickest time and, of course, to not affect the quality of my work by the typical rush occurring in such occasions.

However, I've also decided to alternate the adrenalyne of News productions with the research and the depth of features videos, just to have a more complete background. My work experience gave me (and it still gives) a very different and variegated background, as I've been working on many kinds of sport productions (producing athletes profiles for the Olympics, but I also worked for the Bryant Gumbell Show in 2009 and for the Jason Harper Project in 2012: in the middle I've also been working as a Production Coordinator for the main sport events, having clients as IMG and SKY). As you can imagine my profession brought me to work with many other international broadcasters and to perform different roles such as cameraman, news producer, local producer, LiveU operator, fixer and production coordinator: these combined experiences trained me to think and to cover all of mine assignments from a multi angled point of view.