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...only a photo can freeze time, seize the moment and make it last forever...

This sentence summarises my lifetime inspiration. To draw strenght
from a moment in time and make it eternal, even if it seemed to be
just ''one ordinary moment''...

I was born in 1977 and even as a little boy, looking at the photo of
my grandparents exchanging vowels at the altar, I realised the power
of a photograph. One photograph but full of emotions, worth a thousand
words...''Why didn't they have more photos?'', I kept wondering as a
child. It was then when I, completely unaware of it, choose my path in
life. These days, with the help of modern photographic equipment, I
equally enjoy recording special as well as more ordinary moments in
everyday life.

For some time now I have been involved in sports photography. I
started in the Sportske novosti newspapers and in 2008 I became a
photo reporter for the Cropix photographic agency. I am also the photo
editor of the local monthly magazine Imotske novine. I expanded my
photographic work in affiliation with various societies (especially
Imotski Photography Club), also working with many individuals, fashion
and tourist agencies and people who love photography. Recently I
focused my work on photographing weddings where looking for emotional
moments of the "just married" and their loved ones provides me with
unlimited inspiration.
Photographs on this page can express more than words. I hope you enjoy
looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Kind regards,
Branimir Boban

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