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As a seasoned corporate consultant/attorney/executive my primary role is as a catalyst in Strategic Development, Business Affairs, C-Level Engagements, Professional Services verticals, Operational and Cultural Change Strategies appurtenant to New Semantically Aware Enterprise-wide Knowledge, Content, Social, Resource and Information Systems.

I am currently focused on:

Development of leading semantic systems and strategies for assisting large businesses adapt their enterprise services, systems and architectures to maximize value and meaning extraction for all users.

Launch of a new venture with Howard Rheingold and Joe Raimondo dedicated to promotion of social media literacy and Infotention - the mastery of information overload and personal knowledge management.

Launch of an entirely new paradigm changing approach to education via PrestonLearning's Open Source Learning initiative.

Launch of the ultimate "thinking" game, Sembl; a non-traditional, non-linear, non-temporal, non-ontological approach to viewing the artifacts of human history and experience in a museum-based game for student visitors.

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