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free verse (or, in French, vers libre), is a kind of poetry organized according to the cadences of speech and image patterns rather than according to a regular metrical scheme. Its rhythms are based on patterned elements such as sounds, words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, rather than on the traditional units of metrical feet.

Free Verse Films is a production company that seeks to make quality entertainment that is free of conventional and traditional limitations and restrictions in regard to what a film “should” be. Just like the 19th century poet Aurthur Rimbaud and the Psalmists before him sought to free poetry from metrical regularity we want to make films that are free to be completely original and unique, letting our creative impulses lead us where they will without letting the constraints of traditional film making and storytelling hold us back.

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  1. Good luck to Sing Over Me. I like its soundtrack. And, if you feel like, we could follow one another here on Vimeo or elsewhere on other social networks.