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Emilia, Italy

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Active since the late nineties, Julie's Haircut is a five piece collective from northern Italy devoted to spacey, hypnotic sounds based both on acoustic and electronic media. The band’s music has evolved in time from the garage-rock soulful energy of their debut towards more experimental grounds, focusing on improv and sound research, without losing touch with the groove and melody that characterized their music since day one. They have released their sixth album "Ashram Equinox" in 2013 and an expanded deluxe edition in 2014.

Highlights & Curiosity

The band has recently recorded a cover version of Miles Davis' "Shhh Peaceful", to be released in summer 2015 by the Uk based label Fruits De Mer as part of their box set "Side Effects".

In 2012 the band has begun a collaboration with the american Fluxus composer Philip Corner, resulting in a live performance in Reggio Emilia, a recording of Corner's music under the direction of the composer and a sound installation featured in the exhibition "Women in Fluxus and other experimental tales" held at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia.

A 10" single, featuring cover versions of Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Tarot, from "The Holy Mountain" soundtrack and Nino Rota's O Venezia Venaga Venusia, from the "Fellini's Casanova" soundtrack, was released in june 2011.

On 26 march 2010 the band performed a tribute to Lou Reed's seminal album "Transformer", reinterpreting the entire record in a one-shot live show in Carpi featuring various guests on vocals.

In 2006 they functioned as "sound carriers" for some performances of former Can singer Damo Suzuki, thus entering the Damo Suzuki Network and consolidating a warm and ongoing relationship with the japanese/german artist.

Their fourth album "After dark, my sweet" (Homesleep, 2006), featuring former Spacemen 3 Sonic Boom, was acclaimed as one of the best alternative Italian albums of the year and later included in the top 20 psychedelic Italian albums of all time by the magazine Il Mucchio.

The collaboration with Sonic Boom also resulted in the joint release, in 2007, of the EP "N-Waves/U-Waves", including studio jams with the english musician. The release was followed by a brief joint tour.

Their debut album "Fever in the funk house" (Gammapop, 1999), a strange mixture of garage rock, noisy psychedelia and pop melodies was hailed at by the critics as one of the best debuts in Italian indie rock and was later included in the top 50 Italian albums of the 90's by the magazine Rumore.

The band has played many italian and international festivals during the years and shared stage with the likes of Sonic Youth, Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo, Blonde Redhead, Mark Lanegan Band and more.

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