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What a great time we live in to be a creative. I got to start in music and see it change from analog to digital and through the creative process of music I earned a Platinum record, 4 Gold records, 4 Top Tens for writing, a #1 selling record, and national nominations as Producer and Engineer of the year.

In the early 90's with the advent of the 1st cd rom (it was a 1x speed) and a new program called photoshop, I got to start creating and manipulating photos, which I was very passionate about. A decade later, with the introduction of the digital SLR, I fully moved out of music production and into commercial photography. Wow do I love photography and technology!

...I imagine you see where this is going. A couple of years back when Canon made the 5DmkII, it changed my world again. I have always wanted to tell stories with music, stills and motion. Technology has allowed me to be an artist and make a great living creating in mediums I love.

What a lucky time to be around!

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