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  1. cento lodigiani

    cento lodigiani PRO NY


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    info@centolodigiani.com +1 347 599 8735

  2. Jorge R. Canedo E.

    Jorge R. Canedo E. Plus Vancouver


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    Jorge Rolando Canedo Estrada, also known as Jr.canest, is a Vancouver-based animator & creative director. Originally from Bolivia, he’s spent his life trying to understand how things work and their purpose. He now applies this curiosity to what he loves: Motion Design. Soon after the camera…

  3. Michael Langan

    Michael Langan Plus Los Angeles


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    Michael Langan is an American writer / director with a background in experimental animation and visual effects. His films and music videos have been called "confounding and fascinating" by The New York Times, "inventive" by The Atlantic, and "eerily beautiful" by NPR, and…

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