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Mickey Freeman has been an award winning director/cinematographer for 25 years. His honors include the Academy Award nominated documentary Goodnight Miss Ann, a portrayal of Latino boxers in the barrios of Los Angeles for which he was Director of Photography. He received an Emmy award for the public affairs promotion of the Oakland Gospel Choir for ABC, and an Emmy for his visual portrayal of The Return To Tule Lake, and most recently an Accolade Award of Excellence for the feature film Presque Isle.

His work ranges from numerous Hollywood feature films including Mrs. Doubtfire, Hurly Burly, True Crime, Basic Instinct and many independent feature films, drama for television and documentaries.

Mickey’s passion for his work is never-ending. He is as excited today about his current projects as he was about his first. His interaction with people creates a rare and compassionate camaraderie as he establishes an immediate connection between the two. This rapport allows the subjects of his camera and his direction to be themselves and therefore speak more openly.

Mr. Freeman lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys sailing, backpacking, and photography.

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