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GEM Lifestyle and GEM Island Step 2
GEM Lifestyle has been set up to build a dynamic Community with a common interest in Social Networking and an Entertainment Lifestyle.
The key objective of GEM Lifestyle is to build the worlds largest online gaming and entertainment company that one day intends be to listed on a recognized exchange! But first, who are GEM Lifestyle:
GEM Lifestyle and GEM Island have set their goals and objectives very high with the use of the most advanced 3D and interactive technology ever to be seen on the internet.

The most important thing to consider is how GEM lifestyle reward Associates through a very unique and first to market Share Plan and a very clever business builder tool, the Virtual Back Office.

The basic concept share plan is; 4 Pools - Each pool that you enter through simply gathering users of the FREE to play 3d Gaming GEM Island and registering Associates or money paying Gemmers will increase your income. The revenue for the pools is generated by Online Gamers, shopping and advertising on GEM Island. Any one from over 70 countries can register as an Associate or Game player.

This means that you are receiving a residual income from Associates and Gemmers from all around the world, unlike some opportunities were you are tied to the UK market only.

Plus, this is once again unique, the company, GEM lifestyle Ltd plans to float themselves on to a major stock market within the next 2 - 3 years, allocating 35% of the Company Shares to its Associates.

Mark Campbell, the founder of GEM Lifestyle, has outstanding business pedigree having floated several companies onto major worldwide stock exchanges. This includes Jazztel which Mark floated for a staggering 7.5 billion euros.

GEM Lifestyle's portal will be called GEM Island and will tap into some major online trends:

Social Networking
Four 3D Casinos
2 Million Euro jackpot slots
Poker, Roulette & Jackpot
Lottery and scratch cards
Skill games including chess and backgammon
3D virtual football - go to
3D virtual horse racing
3D virtual motor racing
3D Snooker
Online shopping for a variety of products and services
GEM Lifestyle will expand globally and then float on one of the major stock exchanges.

A massive 35% of the companies stock will be given to the associates involved in the network marketing business. So when the company reaches the target valuation of 300 million euros, then 105 million euros will be shared amongst these associates who help build the company.

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