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  1. Brendan Lauer

    Brendan Lauer Plus Minneapolis, Minnesota


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    In the process of a personal project in which I upload a video a week, for 50 weeks. An exercise in deadlines and creative inspiration, follow along at 50videos50weeks.com

  2. 45NRTH

    45NRTH Plus Bloomington, MN


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    45North is built on real-world needs and knowledge. Our collection delivers unrivaled comfort and control through advanced technical design and effective use of materials in the areas of hands, feet and traction. We have more people who ride more miles in more cold than anywhere on the planet. 45North’s…

  3. The Perennial Plate

    The Perennial Plate Plus Minneapolis, MN, USA


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    The Perennial Plate is a two time James Beard award winning documentary series about creating a more human food system. Chef and Activist, Daniel Klein and Co-producer/Camera girl Mirra Fine travel the world exploring the wonders, complexities and stories behind the ever more connected global food system.…

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