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Fresno, California

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David Robert Jones (a.k.a. “Davey”) grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia. He graduated from a small, denominational, private school then briefly attended a theological seminary and the University of Hawaii before completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan. He completed his Masters’ studies at California State University.

He currently resides in Fresno, California, a city that ranks approximately fifth on the list of largest cities in the state. Fresno boasts a prominent constituency of Latinos/as, Muslims, Hmong, Caucasians, and few African Americans. The city nestles itself in the cleft of the Sierra Nevada mountains, surrounded by vineyards and orchards, teeming with ripe, luscious produce.

Davey has long enjoyed hobbies such as fly fishing, running, Blues and Jazz music, and dancing. Recently he met, fell in love with, and married a woman he describes as “the most beautiful woman.” Though he practices his hobbies less, he notes that his long fermenting habit of creating–especially writing–has exponentially increased. He attributes this change to his new love, Bely.

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