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Gawaling Tours & Treks has many years of experience in tourism and is regarded as the proficient tour operator in Bhutan. What-ever time of the year we provide best services to our clients. Our guides and staff are certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We offer you fascinating tours & treks in Bhutan. In your adventures in Bhutan you will make plenty of amazing discoveries and experience oriental renaissance of the age old culture and tradition and also the arts and architecture, while enjoying your stay in Bhutan. Our company will also offer you a range of hotel accommodations, where you can appreciate the hospitality of Bhutanese people and taste the traditional cuisine. Being our client, you will have an opportunity to communicate with a local family, having a cup of butter tea and discover a variety of national customs and traditions. We ensure your comfort, and excellent transport services to carry you to far corners of Bhutan.

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