Houssam Moughrabi

Syria Damascus

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•Over 10 years experience, from Director to Art Director, character designer, Illustrator, and TV Presenter, specialized in visual and printed media fields such as..TV presenting, newspapers, children's magazines, book stories, online interactive stories and games, .
Character Design, Illustration, Style Guide Creation
Team building and Artist Mentoring , Inspiring and Instructing
•Participated in two exhibitions .. 2007, 2011
•Awarded 1st prize at the inernational celebration " Journée Internationale de la Françophonie" /2007/ for his oil painting " portrait Charles Baudelaire, oil on canvas,35x54 cm "

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  • SKETCHAT STUDIO - SKETCHAT STUDIO is a 2D animation Studio Which specialize in producing animated content for broadcast, commercial & online projects. We develop concept and script to visual design and full animation production


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