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I’m an independent photographer living in Washington, D.C. while working on long-term projects across the country. I hold current credentials for the White House and U.S. Congress. My work is split between seeking the connections shared by different people and observing the quirks of American cultures. I am ultimately focused on themes of hope and belief, and I strive to communicate the stories of the people I meet and the communities they create.
My love of color and light stems from my northern California roots, where I spent my formative years moving around the state. Over that time I gradually developed an appetite for exploration and a lasting curiosity about other people and their experiences. After receiving a degree in journalism from Boston University, I spent several years on staff at various newspapers in New England. I have since worked throughout the U.S., in East Africa and Southeast Asia, and in 2009 was an intern for VII Photo Agency and a student at Eddie Adams Workshop XXII.
When not on assignment, I split my time between personal projects, experimenting in the kitchen and exploring mountain trails (or as close as one can get to a mountain in the D.C. region) on foot or bike.

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