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Living in the United Kingdom and working internationally, Dave Kai Piper enjoys shooting a range of art-based portraiture and commercial work as well as teaching, conducting mentor programs and contributing to a number of photography magazines.
Although he received the second place award in the (Digital Photographer) 2011 Photographer of the Year competition for monochrome photography, Dave has a special affinity for the use of colour.
He understands the role of the photographer, as defined by people like Sir Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton and Tim Walker.
However, he has a great command of using more subtle techniques through the careful application.
The concept of story is vital in Dave Kai Piper’s imagery.
Piper says, “Playing with light is the antithesis of photography. It underpins the correlation of photographer and photography.”

His style is reminiscent of classic portraiture with a vintage ethic fused with modern use of light.
As a designer, this concept of story and narrative is always close by. I want to be entertained. Many of my artistic influences are film makers and musicians. This is something that is brought into my own work.

Using a combination of design skills incorporating Photography, Photoshop and Indesign,
we ensure detail and clarity, fused with narrative form and function.

Email | dave@davepiper.org.uk


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