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Downhill Skateboarding is my passion. It has been the driving force behind my education, life style, and entrepreneurial projects. It has allowed me such personal growth I could never have asked for.

I also hold the Official Guinness World Record at 129.94km/h (80.74mph). I am the 2011 IGSA World Champion, winner of multiple World Cups, and a serious threat at every elite international race gathering. Since 2003 I have attended over 89 races and organized my own event for 8 consecutive years. I am always striving to be one of the sport’s most focused, driven, and responsible role models.

Goals: At this point in my career I will push my speed attempts into a new frontier. My last two speed records left me feeling empty and far from being challenged. Attempting road closures and dealing with the lack of well-paved steep roads pushed me outside the box and onto a venture that will be the first of it’s kind!

- Guinness World Record: 129.94km/h (80.74mph)
- 2011 IGSA World Champion
- 2011 IGSA NorAm Series Champion



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