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Eddy Duran started his career as a public access television producer. While working as a box office clerk for the Samuel Goldwyn Company, he worked on various small film productions in New York and L.A. A year later he got his first opportunity in the form of a P.A. on the TV series New York Undercover.

Recognizing the need to create thought-provoking films, Eddy enrolled in courses for filmmaking at NYU, and moved towards producing and directing his first film short Good Thing. Three months later Eddy wrote the script and assembled the team for his first independent feature Stone Cold Killers: Los Jodedores, an urban drama about how the lives of a drug dealer with integrity, a visual artist, an alcoholic, and a violent ex-con, become inextricably bound together in Manhattan’s Washington Heights and Brooklyn’s East New York. Stone Cold Killers was acquired by Maverick Entertainment. Maverick also acquired his second feature, Grand Opening, a comedy about the owner of a dysfunctional supermarket with eccentric employees and cynical customers. Both have been top sellers in Maverick’s library and can be found in any video outlet retailer including Blockbuster and Netflix. Eddy recently completed his third independent feature entitled Shoes Crazy, which will be selling in Amazon.com with in the next few months. He also is developing a pilot for a reality-based show entitled Fox Hunt, chronicling the daily operations of a “real women’s” modeling/entertainment life style agency. Right now "The Lesson Plan", will be featured in numerous film festivals. We're also formulating a tour to show it nationally and internationally.

Additionally he is currently developing four feature film scripts, which he has written:
On Gun Hill Road, Shanghai Palace, Brooklyn English and King Con which he will co-write, produce and direct the feature film in Spanish.

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