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I am a web page designer and a video editor who has worked professionally on and off since the mid 80's.
I enjoy (or should I say am obsessed with a British show, much to the consternation of my girlfriend, with) Doctor Who. I decided I should post some of my most recent amateur music videos on the internet (I have been doing so on YouTube under different accounts for a long time but have many political and ethical problems with Google so I thought I should post elsewhere as well). I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I had making them!!!
These videos are not for profit in anyway, which still probably does not excuse the making of them through international laws except as homages!!!
Oh, and if you are a Tumblr or Twitter user who is over 18 and enjoys Doctor Who and other SF/F as well, please visit The Timey-Wimey Adventures of markwho42 & His Girl T.O.R.R.I.D. or tweet me for a simulcast of the NSFW blog, by using the links below.

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  • markwho42 Books - Used and Rare Doctor Who books and merchandise for sale
  • @markwho42 - The simulcast linkup on Twitter to my Tumblr blog listed above (NSFW as well)


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