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Hi, I'm Philip! I'm a London based motion graphics artist. Battlecat is the banner under which I make experimental short films with other people.

I also freelance on other stuff, but I don't put those here really.

I have this website :

And I'm on the grams :


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  2. Giacomo Cesari
  3. Sijia Ke
  4. ornana
  5. Justin Pixler
  6. Oana Nechifor
  7. Daniela Sherer
  8. PlusOne
  9. Colin Chan
  10. Strange Beast
  11. 2veinte
  12. Barbara Bargiel
  13. ben jay crossman
  14. Lois van Baarle
  16. plus mûrs studio
  17. masanobu hiraoka
  18. Drivecom

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