Flavio Martines

Rome, Brasilia

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I'm an electronic musician and a sound designer, unfortunately not a video maker..
But if you're looking for musics and/or fx-sound design for your video just contact me!

some works:


  1. Keenan Parry
  2. SATO
  3. Paul Pajot
  4. BLR_VFX
  5. Robert Henke
  6. Ninja Tune
  7. Ethno Tekh
  8. Rafael Morbeck
  9. Sherpas Cinema
  10. Susi Sie
  11. videakta
  12. TheKilimanjaroDarkjazzEnsemble
  13. a dandypunk
  14. Paul Miller
  15. Aaron Bradbury
  16. skismos
  17. Salvatore Aquilani
  18. Videographers

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