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A full-service production and original content company, based in New York, Snapdragon Films unites extensive experience in advertising, with a rich passion for documentary filmmaking. Created by the critically acclaimed director/producer team Rebecca Dreyfus and Susannah Ludwig, Snapdragon Films was established to produce high-quality, docu-style projects for clients. Striking a careful balance between structure and spontaneity we bring to life your story, your people, your brand.

Our trademark is that we ground carefully crafted stories in honest, disarming humanity. Our mantra is simple: style and substance are mutually enhancing, not mutually exclusive. Imbuing compelling imagery with real emotion, we stir the senses and the heart, a balance struck for the savvy client, seeking a quality experience.

Be it traditional advertising, a short film for the web, or both, we can access anyone - from A-list movie star to real person - and get to the heart of any subject in a genuine way-- that allows for emotional authenticity and makes your message sing.

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