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"e²: the economies of being environmentally conscious" is a critically acclaimed PBS series about the innovators and pioneers who envision a better quality of life on earth: socially, culturally, economically and ecologically.

The series explores attainable solutions to pervasive environmental and social challenges, and its stories are culled from a variety of fields including design, energy, transport, water, food and urban evelopment.

Episodes have profiled Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus’s efforts to bring renewable energy to Bangladesh’s rural poor through microfinance; architect William McDonough and his “cradle-to-cradle” design philosophy; and former Bogotá Mayor Enrique Peñalosa’s sweeping redesign of that city’s transportation network, emphasizing alternatives to automobile culture.

The 2008 season of "e²" is presented in two parts: "e² design" and "e² transport". The series visits Cairo, Nova Scotia, Melbourne, San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Seoul. Featured interviews include luminaries like acclaimed author Michael Pollan, His Highness the Aga Khan, and Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano. Both parts are narrated by Brad Pitt.

"e²" is directed by Tad Fettig and executive produced by Karena Albers and Fettig, both co-founders of the New York-based production company kontentreal. The program airs on PBS affiliates nationwide, and online at e2-series.com/. More information is available at that site, and at pbs.org/e2/

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