T. Isaac Halasima

Murray, Utah

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I've been working in television since I was 13 years old, starting at the local NBC station KSL in Salt Lake City. I worked there off an on (had to graduate from High School and do a little College) until I was 27. I compiled 10 years of service for the station where I was trained on Media 100, Stratasphere, Tape to Tape, and AVID... and had gone from annoying little boy that runs around calling everybody old, to the Sports Editor helping the station win some of our awards.

In 2006 I left for an independent company, Kineto Pictures. I've worked as a Director, DP, Editor, Producer, Musician, Sound Engineer, and lately a Colorist in the last few years, but still have the dream to do Commercials and Film for the rest of my life... go figure the country goes into a recession when I'm ready.

I love Sports Ads, and Sports movies, and both are what I'm hoping to do, not really for the money and fame... but to just make something inspirational, and sports always inspire my.