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  1. MovedPictures Films FrankBrauner

    MovedPictures Films FrankBrauner Plus Germany


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    Frank Brauner, founder of MovedPictures Films.


    PLATOON Plus Berlin / Seoul


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    PLATOON.DEFINITION a PLATOON is per definition the smallest independently operating unit. PLATOON.cultural development recruits creative task forces from its affiliated media over- and underground based on the nature of the projects. 89 active special forces coming from all kinds of creative…

  3. Daniel Schulze / bitsbeauty

    Daniel Schulze / bitsbeauty Berlin


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    Daniel Schulze is a Media Artist and Diplom Industrial Designer with a focus on interaction and experience. Within the limits of design, art and technology his work examines the aesthetic potential of interaction and movement. Daniel's research looks at the idea that sight is the most important…

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