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John is a founding partner of A Local Folkus and the owner of East End Market, a food enterprise incubator and event space opening Fall 2012 in Audubon Park. He is a commercial real estate developer by trade and biologist / digital media maven by education. Over the past five years, Rife has grown into a passionate advocate for Central Florida’s burgeoning local food scene. In 2010 he founded the annual Winter Park Harvest Festival and serves on the boards of Slow Food Orlando, Edible Magazine and many other civic organizations.

Like Wendell Berry, Rife believes that “eating is an agricultural act” and that raising the awareness of the average consumer, to the means of their food production and procurement, is the most expeditious path to revolutionizing America’s industrial food system. Through numerous festivals, food events, farmers markets, urban farms and this blog, A Local Folkus seeks to do just that.

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