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New York boy living in Canada...long story but who cares! Point being photography has been an interest plus hobby on & off for years. I take pride in the fact that since the digital camera came out, I was one of those who put it off until 2006 purchasing an entry level Canon 3.2 Power Shot A510 point and shoot. And now it's the Canon Power Shot A560 7.1...So here's the thing; knowing when it's time to use a camera it's point & shoot still snap shots only, for now. There's No big time expensive equipment or studio work spent on getting fabulous results. Too easy perhaps... pay the really big $$$'s and the machine does it's job. My feelings are about getting decent results from ones concept, imagination and composition on the cheap. So what do you think? capwilco / flickr for still photos

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  1. btw...real fine video production; first rate...congrats. Lucky you