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I have been fascinated by film at a young age and have always been good at teaching myself the process of film. Currently studying at New England Institute of Technology in the Video and Audio field.

I have spent the past few years, exploring the art of screenwriting and learning everything i can about Final Cut Studio.

I spend most of my time writing screenplays and teleplays and have submitted 3 of my screenplays. Which, so far, been accepted into the semi finals at the Screenplay Festival in LA (finalists results are still pending). I`ve found that the characters and stories are worth telling enough that even if it takes a while I will still press on into getting into the film industry.

Whether that is focusing all my energies as a video editor, director, or a writer, I look forward to seeing where I can go, due to the fact that I have been affected by the power of cinema more than anything in my life.


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