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  1. any update?
  3. any update on it??
  4. We are trying to do video search using method. While we are trying to authenticate we are facing issues , just want clerify the the below points: As mentioned in oauth guide , in Creating the Key section for the…
  5. any update?
  6. Hi Sonal, That doesn't look like a valid consumer key. The signature doesn't look right either.
  7.\nth_timestamp=1335791197&oauth_version=1.0&oauth_signature=bDNIYnB5cUgzemhOaUN5UjdLVWcrVWdyRWpR&query=nike is…
  8. Thanks for reply Brad, but still I am not able to get the videos. here is my code: my $key = XXXXXXXX ; my $method = "" ; my $oauth_nonce = rand (9999999999999999 ) ; my $timestamp = time…