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Submerged in a plethora of lifestyles in Brooklyn, N.Y, Hip-Hop band, GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT has roots in neighborhoods such as Marcy Projects, Park Slope, Fort Green, Brooklyn Heights and Bushwick. Print,(born Christian Peterson-Faust) as lead vocalist of the band developed his talent working full time shifts, attending Brooklyn College as an honor student, solidifying a degree in education, meanwhile maintaining a safe and productive environment for himself. Despite these challenges, Print gained a distinct directive to become the best at anything he decided to put his mind to. He chose to put his mind to music. Print took his talent to the next level with constructing the band, GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT. As frontman/emcee for GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT, Print has woven a distinct pattern of Brooklyn based imagery through poetic street lyrics, creative and metaphorical flows. Showing immediate strong potential as a burgeoning emcee, Prints music career in Hip-Hop began at the age of seventeen, performing at local cafes and lounges around Brooklyn. The dues paid on the NYC gig circuit paid off, GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT got it's first break at Virginia State University, where they opened up for Young Jeezy and Juelz Santana. Realizing that making music was a reality that crossed borders, Print began aggressively pursuing more musical movements with GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT. With the support of his Production Manager (Michael Peterson), GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT was able to travel the world and perform for thousands of people. Opening for acts like Kanye West, Talib Kweli, Ghostface Killah, Akon and many others gave them the edge they needed in order to take their talent to a more professional level. With this new fusion of deft wordplay, slick Brooklyn imagery and introspective lyrics over live music, GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT is setting the standard for new Hip-Hop. Performing at venues from the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival, Colleges, and across seas, GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT has acquired a healthy resume worthy of notoriety. GOOD DAY, GOOD NIGHT is now working on it's debut album as well a few other note-worthy endeavors.

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