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  1. Definitely buying that shirt. Rick Ross comes in at 51:30
  2. I was at the Barclay Center when Russel performed. the place isn't really all that big. Lots of brown people there...
  3. I hate the way Joe gets all pseudo-philosophical on us sometimes. I learn way more when he is having a genuine conversation with someone and not when he's saying shit like "isn't it strange how a sound can be so offensive and change your emotions".
  4. HAVE JACQUE FRESCO ON YOUR PODCAST!! Or Ronda Rousey again. She's preettttyyyy
  5. I definitely have, but I don't have thousands of listeners, so I'm not as widely judged. I will admit though, he knows his shit, so I don't find him as annoying as I did last podcast.
  6. Oh look. Bryan "Cut A Nigga off mid-sentence" Callen is back
  7. best podcast in a long time.
  8. I love how attempts at intelligent conversation are lost with Eddie and Kat lol.