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Francisco Aliwalas is a Manhattan based producer and award-winning filmmaker. For the Travel Channel series, 5 TAKES, he had been the Director, Videographer, and Series Producer for four seasons. He was also the host/producer of YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE for that network. In the realm of music videos, he directed, shot, and edited nine which have rotated on various MTV channels around the world. Francisco has made web content for R.J. R. Reynolds, New York Post, Camel, Current TV, Google Travel, Ford Models, General Electric, Hartz, Leblon Cachca, and Idealist. Two of his latest documentaries, as the Director of Photography, have premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and Hot Docs in Toronto. Recently, he won Best Picture, Director, and Editor at MTV World's 72 Hour Short Film Shoot-Out and his series for Conde Naste’s titled 24 Hours in…won Best Online Video Series as voted by Magazine Publishers of America. His reel can be viewed at

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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Keep painting beautiful visuals!
  2. Fantastic job! I have been DPing countless works on the C300 and Canon Cinema Primes. Between the C300 and FS7 which would be the better paintbrush in your opinion?