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Boyd began his career in Visual Effects in 1985 at Apogee Productions. He spent his first 5 years in the business coordinating, producing, supervising and then directing Visual Effects for commercials at Apogee, earning Clio and Mobius Advertising Awards along the way, working with directors including Tony, Ridley & Jake Scott, Jim Giddens, Mikael Soloman, Jan DeBont, Eric Saarinen, Dominic Sena, David Kellogg, among numerous others. After co-directing and supervising several commercials with Jan DeBont, Jan asked Boyd to design and supervise the Visual Effects for his first film, "Speed ($80M budget, 20th Century Fox)." The visual effects on that film earned a BAFTA nomination for Visual Effects and a spot at the Academy Bake Off. Boyd has lent his talents as the Overall Visual Effects Supervisor and 2nd unit Director to such films as Batman Forever ($100M budget, Warner Brothers), Face Off ($80M budget, 20th Paramount), Gone in 60 Seconds ($90M budget, Touchstone), Pushing Tin ($60M budget, 20th Century Fox), Swordfish ($102M budget, Warner Brothers), Invasion ($65M budget, Warner Brothers), Fantastic Four 2: Rise of Silver Surfer ($130M budget, 20th Century Fox), and Poseidon ($160M budget, Warner Brothers), for which he received a nomination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Between 2007~2009, Boyd designed sequences and supervised the visual effects for GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra ($175M Budget, Paramount Pictures). This film took nearly two years to complete and has over 1650 visual effects shots. More recently, Boyd finished work on Journey2:The Mysterious Island ($80M budget, New Line Cinema/Warner Brothers). This was his first foray into native Stereo3D photography, and provided additional opportunities for creature animation, 2nd Unit Directing and a wide assortment of “earth shattering” effects. Creating the visual story for a younger audiences using leading edge technology, directing Sir Michael Caine, alongside Josh Hutcherson on motion capture and light stages proved to be a voyage in itself. Future endeavors for Boyd will be directing action and fantasy genre feature films. The experience in every aspect of creating action and futuristic sequences from conception, budget breakdown, motion capture and CG environment to edit are powerful tools for serious directors of this genre. Boyd is developing his own property to propel the effort in directing a major box office feature. Steps are on the way to forming a production company to further the efforts. Member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, and Directors Guild of America.

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