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My name is Madhusudan yeluguri,I work in the TV industry as a visual effects artist. I'm originally from India, but in 2008 I left for San Francisco (California) and attended the Academy of Art University, where I graduated and obtained a MFA degree in visual effects, with an emphasis on 2D/3D compositing. However, before I attended the Academy I have worked as a 3d compositing artist and thus have a background in BFA Photography as well. The Academy of Art University is one of the best vfx schools in the world and it has provided me with invaluable skills in digital art, giving me the opportunity to meet many talented artists as well as famous professionals working in the industry.
I'm currently working on my thesis project - The Bose speakers commercial.Under the "works" section of this web site, you will be able to access most of my projects, from photography to Digital art projects, and my visual effects shots and demo reels.

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