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Dr. Greg Wilder is a composer, music scientist and entrepreneur, whose innovations have resulted in patents and a music analysis platform, called Clio Music, currently in use by leading companies throughout the music industry. A conservatory-trained composer/pianist, Dr. Wilder has collaborated with choreographers, filmmakers, theater directors and animators around the globe as composer, sound designer and audio engineer.

In 2012, Dr. Wilder founded the Isomer Project, a multidisciplinary approach to exploring the limits of computational creativity. Isomer research leverages machine-listening and -learning to explore connections between emotion and musical language, with a focus on meeting current challenges facing media companies. Artistically, (and perhaps more interestingly) Isomer is learning to create music of its own.

In addition to being the author of patents, white papers and related articles, Dr. Wilder regularly presents talks on the musical application of interactive and A.I. technologies, most recently as invited speaker at the Grassroots Game Conference, the ExCITe Center and Music Entertainment Technology Laboratory (Drexel), the Music and Audio Research Laboratory (NYU), and the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (Vanderbilt).

Previous to working in industry, Dr. Wilder taught on the faculties of Dickinson College and West Chester University, where he received an HSA “Outstanding Faculty Member” award for excellence in teaching and honorary membership in Tau Beta Sigma. Greg’s musical awards include those from the American Composer’s Forum, the Angel Oren­sanz Foundation, the William Penn Foundation, ASCAP, the Society of Composers International, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His music is available on the Albany record label and of course, on the Internet.

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